Psychotherapy is a journey of discovery and healing. We welcome you to embark on this supported quest with us - of making your life a more accurate version of the hope and visions you imagine for yourself.


Doree Lipson, psychotherapist, New Paltz therapy

Doree Lipson, LCSW-R, Director, Psychotherapist

Doree Lipson is the founder and director of Wellness Embodied, a center for psychotherapy and healing. After working for most of her career in agency settings and seeing the disconnected struggle between wonderful mission statements and poor management and clinical support, she began cultivating the vision of creating a healing center. At the heart of Wellness Embodied is the desire to support and nurture our psychotherapists and other healing providers so they can then do the same for those that choose our practice as the home for their transformative work.

Doree is a licensed clinical social worker with a masters degree in social work from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Doree graduated with a focus on adolescents and families in 2003 and has been working with adults, adolescents, families and couples since that time, both in Michigan and New York states. Doree received her undergraduate degree in English literature from State University of New York College at Fredonia. Doree is also in process of completing a certificate program in Somatic Experiencing with the intention of becoming a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).

In addition to her clinical training, Doree has been a student of Soto Zen Buddhist teachings and practice since 1996. Doree is lay-ordained in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. She has taught meditation in both college and private settings. Mindfulness is one central component to the clinical work she does with her patients.

Above all else, Doree strives to find a practical balance between using the tools necessary to function optimally in the day to day while compassionately understanding the life experiences that have created the habituated stuckness that often brings people into treatment. Doree works with a gentle and loving relational approach, focusing on the body as the home for our stories and also the gateway to new experiences. She has a special affinity and love for bridging the personal and spiritual aspects of our life's journey.

Rafael Perez, LCSW-R Psychotherapist

In my approach to working with individuals, couples, families and groups, I utilize methods from traditional relational psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing to help people shift concepts and constraints so that they can restore, transform, and flow with greater ease. This enables us to have greater access to power, increase aliveness, self expression, and feel connected to our higher purpose and greater version of ourselves.


I guide people to shift fixated patterns of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, spiritual, and physiological states to discharge any held energy, ease restraints, recalibrate emotions, cognitive restructuring, deepen awareness, apply new skills, adaptive understanding of themselves and restore a sense of self compassion.


I have sixteen years of post-masters clinical supervised experience working in various clinical, community, educational, and private settings helping individuals overcome challenges, heal wounds, restore balance, reclaim self expression, and reconnect with inner wisdom in order to live with greater function, freedom and ease.


Languages:  English and Spanish

Noreen  Lempert, LCSW Psychotherapist

Noreen Lempert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an expertise in working with trauma. Noreen has extensive and varied trainings, which enable her to focus on how to help heal the whole person. She has been helping adolescents and adults deal with a range of issues including childhood abuse, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, loss/bereavement and addictions. Noreen has extensive experience in helping clients heal and transform aspects of themselves as they learn to reduce their anxiety and emotional reactivity and come into a new truth about themselves. Noreen works with her clients in a collaborative, relational way as they strive to overcome their problems and make positive changes in their lives. The work with clients is guided by a gentle and experiential approach that combines elements of relational, psychodynamic and parts psychology models with a focus on establishing mindfulness and relaxation techniques to support increased self-awareness and individual growth. The ultimate goal in these therapy sessions is a transformational change that is a gradual process that occurs over time.


Noreen received her graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University and a training certificate in trauma studies from the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy; she has also received EMDR training in levels I and II. Noreen is currently at work studying additional trauma processing models to better help her clients heal from past traumas.

Meredith Johnson, MHC-LP, SEP, Psychotherapist

Meredith received her MS in Mental Health Counseling from SUNY New Paltz and her BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College.  Completed trainings and certifications at the heart of her work include Somatic Experiencing, Simplicity Parenting, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. She brings 20 years of experience and training in mindfulness and embodiment practices into developing, coordinating, and facilitating community wellness and self-care programs. As an educator and body-centered psychotherapist, she works with individuals and groups to strengthen resilience and to reduce the negative impact of trauma, cumulative stress, and chronic illness. Meredith guides and helps her clients in a gentle, naturalistic process of connecting with and optimizing their innate capacity to recover, heal, learn, and thrive.


Carrie Schapker, LMSW  Psychotherapist

Carrie offers both individual and couples counseling.  Her goal is to enhance each person’s innate wisdom about their life and relationships, as well as to identify and address specific areas of challenge.  She utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques, including mindfulness practices, to work with habitual patterns of behavior and communication.  She also offers a wide range of health coaching tools — nutritional, creative, and spiritual -- that contribute to overall well-being.  She has worked as a Social Work Intern at the Psychological Counseling Center at SUNY New Paltz and as a Social Worker at the Institute for Family Health in Kingston, NY.  She has counseled a wide range of people on issues that include anxiety, depression, bereavement/loss and recovery from addiction.


Carrie received her Master of Social Work degree from Adelphia University and her BA in Political Science from Williams College.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified Health Coach.  She has practiced as a Shambhala Buddhist for the past 18 years and is trained as a meditation instructor.

Kristin Misik, L.Ac  Community Acupuncturist

Kristin Misik is an acupuncturist, coach, and public speaker based in NYC and New Paltz, NY. As a licensed, practicing acupuncturist for more than 15 years, she has helped hundreds of people restore their bodies and minds to healthy, energetic balance and natural vibrancy. Her patients include everyone from Broadway stars to struggling artists and high- performance athletes to corporate executives. Kristin has been a featured speaker at UN Women, Ernst &Young, and Viacom, and is a contributing writer to the Huffington Post.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Kristin, please follow this link...

Joanne Leffeld began her career as a Certified Financial Planner working in the New York Metropolitan area.  After several years, she moved to the Hudson Valley, joining her husband in building their lighting design company, Ledspin.


Now that her children are grown, Joanne has created a unique business using a holistic approach to money.  Her primary goal is to educate and empower clients. She genuinely believes anyone is capable of making intelligent financial choices when given proper tools and knowledge. Her ability to put clients at ease is in part a result of no longer selling financial products. She enjoys working one on one with clients endeavoring to remove shame, fear and feelings of ignorance about financial matters. Joanne refers to herself as the “Moolah Doula”, helping people “give birth” to a healthier relationship with money. In the past few years alone, Joanne has helped clients save and build substantial sums of money by teaching them to invest and save wisely.

To schedule an appointment with Joanne at Wellness Embodied, please follow this link to her website or call: (845) 706-4145


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Therapy may be conducted individually, as a couple or as a family. Therapy is offered on a weekly basis, unless otherwise agreed upon. Individual sessions are 45 minutes in length. Couples and families typically meet for an hour.


Clinical Supervision is available for master level social workers gathering hours toward their "C" or toward their "R". Please contact us to discuss the number of monthly supervision hours necessary to complete these levels of licensure and our current supervision  fee rates.

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