September 9th, october 14th, November 4th, December 9th

10am - 12 pm


At Wellness Embodied, we believe stress management is crucial to vibrant health of both body and mind. Without proper practices and tools to manage stress, both acute and chronic health conditions are difficult to avoid or overcome.


Acupuncture is a proven, powerful therapy to correct whole-body imbalances that result from three primary sources of stress: emotional, physical and chemical factors.


Community acupuncture provides increased access to those who want holistic healing, without breaking the bank.  Each person will be privately evaluated and treated with a customized plan.  While the treatments will happen in a community setting, you can be assured a quiet and tranquil experience to achieve optimum results.


Plan on one hour for the initial visit and about 45 minutes for follow-up visits.



Please call 917-676-0828 to schedule your appointment

Kristin Misik is an acupuncturist, coach, and public speaker based in NYC and New Paltz, NY. As a licensed, practicing acupuncturist for more than 15 years, she has helped hundreds of people restore their bodies and minds to healthy, energetic balance and natural vibrancy. Her patients include everyone from Broadway stars to struggling artists and high- performance athletes to corporate executives. Kristin has been a featured speaker at UN Women, Ernst &Young, and Viacom, and is a contributing writer to the Huffington Post.

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