Embodying DBT:

Interpersonal Relationships Skills Building




















Facilitated by Rafael Perez, LCSW-R & Maria Locastro, LCSW-R


October 12th – December 21, 2017

(10 weeks)

Thursdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm






Cost $350 -- 10 week series

Financial (aid) questions? Email: wellnessembodiedcenter@gmail.com


Embodying DBT- An Interpersonal Relationships Skills Building series is ideal for people who have some DBT knowledge. Together we will learn ways to be effective in interpersonal relationships so that interactions with others will have the outcomes they want. These skills will enable participants to be effective at achieving their goals without alienating others or losing self-respect. During these ten sessions, you will learn to balance acceptance and change in existing relationships, build new relationships and end destructive ones.


Group Objectives:

·         Create and maintain balance in relationships

·         Don’t let hurt and problems build up

·         Repair relationships when ruptures occur

·         Say no to unwanted requests effectively

·         Resolve conflicts before they get overwhelming

·         End hopeless relationships

·         Find and build new relationships


This DBT group enhances participants ability to use individual psychotherapy more effectively, manage symptoms and take charge of life. Using mindfulness as a base, this Relationship Building course will examine the DBT module of Interpersonal Effectiveness, expanding the exploration of skills to include role play and experiential techniques in order for participants to:

Understand underlying issues that derails effective communications and relationships

Increase awareness of feelings, immediate urges and wants that derail your long term goals

Develop insights of thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of acting effectively



Rafael Perez, LCSW-R


In my approach to working with individuals, couples, families and groups, I utilize methods from traditional relational psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing to help people shift concepts and constraints so that they can restore, transform, and flow with greater ease. This enables us to have greater access to power, increase aliveness, self expression, and feel connected to our higher purpose and greater version of ourselves.


I guide people to shift fixated patterns of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, spiritual, and physiological states to discharge any held energy, ease restraints, recalibrate emotions, cognitive restructuring, deepen awareness, apply new skills, adaptive understanding of themselves and restore a sense of self compassion.


I have sixteen years of post-masters clinical supervised experience working in various clinical, community, educational, and private settings helping individuals overcome challenges, heal wounds, restore balance, reclaim self expression, and reconnect with inner wisdom in order to live with greater function, freedom and ease.


Languages:  English and Spanish

Maria Locastro, LCSW-R


Maria LoCastro is a licensed clinical social worker with 17 years of experience in individual, group and family therapy.  Maria's trainings come from her clinical work and supervision in various settings such as inpatient, partial hospital, out patient  and private practice.  Her expertise focuses on trauma and suicide prevention where she received training with Bessel van der Kolk and holds a trainer certification through AMSAR for suicide prevention.  Presently she works privately and uses her experience for consultation services to organizations with project management and clinical supervision needs.




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