Facilitated by Hanna Weare


Sunday October 28th 2:00 - 3:30 pm






Cost : $25 (all supplies included)


Essential oils have been used for centuries to help support humans in every sphere of life, and are especially known for their ability to balance and uplift mind, emotion and spirit. In this workshop, we will learn what essential oils are, their long history, and how to use them most effectively and safely for yourself and your family. Also, we will look at how essential oils directly affect memory and emotion, how they can improve mood and mental functioning, as well as enhance meditation and prayer. We will begin by experiencing the Aroma Freedom Technique: 60-Second Reset process to support the release of stressors, in order to enhance our ability to simply be present. Every participant will make their own essential oil-infused spritz bottle to take home for daily use and support. All are welcome to this deeply nourishing and practical group experience.


Essential Oils for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health


Hanna Weare, MA, LMT,

Hanna has been in the integrative health and wellness field for over 20 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner. She is committed to the deepening understanding of the body~mind~spirit connection, which has been informed by her graduate studies in Somatic Psychology, as well as her studies in expressive movement and varied forms of bodywork, and contemplative practice.

Hanna is passionate about natural health and working with nature to support healing at all levels. She has been using essential oils personally, and with clients, for the past 5 years. More recently she has partnered with Young Living Essential Oils to educate and help connect people to some of the purest and most therapeutically potent essential oils available today.

Recently, Hanna has been learning about re-consolidating memory with the help of essential oils and using the Aroma Freedom Technique to heal and move beyond limiting beliefs and memories. She is thrilled to share this in ways that help others on their journey.


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