Family Constellation Workshop




Facilitated by Eve-Marie Elkin, LMSW, LCAT, SEP


Evening Talk Friday March 27th 7:00-9:30PM


All Day Workshop Saturday March 28th 10:00-5:00pm




Cost: Friday evening talk $20, Saturday workshop $125; sign up for both $130


The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past.- William Faulkner


Systemic & Family Constellations is a revolutionary approach to addressing personal and systemic issues—whether in relationship to others, at work, with yourself, or with the world at large—that enable individuals to overcome dysfunctional patterns that have been repeated in families or in cultures for generations. It provides a unique level of perspective that supports healing, wholeness and change.


Maybe you carry your mother’s anxiety or your father’s shame of failure? You may be repeating the emotional experience of an excluded family member, in an unconscious attempt to bring them back home into the family. Once unconscious dynamics come to light, you have a chance to change them and allow a  shift to unfold.


In this Family Constellation workshop we will explore how we are entangled in generational suffering and are holding unconscious loyalties to loved ones that keep our lives bound to unfinished emotional business.


Friday evening Eve-Marie will speak to the basic principles that underlie this work and how to approach a constellation with exercises and a demonstration of a constellation.


Saturday we will explore Family Constellations with the issues presented by participants.

 It is recommended you come Friday to observe and experience the process before presenting an issue.  You are also welcome to come , participate and learn without presenting anything.

The beauty of this work is that you do not have to bring a family member. However if a member wishes to come they are welcome.

This workshop is open to all willing to open their mind, heart and felt-sense to explore this modality. It requires respect, humility and the willingness to be vulnerable.


Tomorrow is the future only if not a repetition of the past.

Eve-Marie Elkin LMSW, LCAT, SEP has been practicing Systemic Family Constellation work for the past 20 years. She has translated and assisted the senior teachers of this work who were also trained by Bert Hellinger in Germany.

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