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Mindfulness Practices for Children






















6-session group for 10-13 year olds

Facilitated by Jason Stern



6-Fridays 4:15-5:15 pm

MARCH 31st-June 2nd

(not meeting 4/14, 4/21, 5/5)


Tuition: $150

Financial (aid) questions? Email: wellnessembodiedcenter@gmail.com


Children are naturally receptive to meditation and inner work with attention, because they haven’t learned the bad habits of consciousness that afflict adults. They are generally clear, balanced, creative, and in tune with life. Because of this, childhood is the ideal time to learn techniques for meditation. These practices give children a grounding in self-aware presence to carry into their unfolding lives; a touchstone of practice to return to as the demands of their world becomes more intense.


This course gives children an introduction to basic meditation techniques, self-awareness, and work on developing attention, with a focus on the principle that what has real value already lives within themselves. The group practice gives the children a real taste of the richness of their own inner life, and collected stillness that will serve them for the rest of their lives. This course requires an ability to sit quietly. A child must be able to sit for brief periods to participate. Please contact instructor with any questions.


Why Fridays from facilitator Jason Stern:

“The end of the week is an ideal time to relax, get centered, and reset. A period of silent meditation and inner attention can help us let go of the accumulated stresses and concerns of the week and come back to ourselves. This is the inner meaning of the sabbath, which literally means cessation of activity, or simply 'rest'. This short or long fast from activity allows us to enter into a deeper space to re-emerge into life refreshed and renewed.”


Jason Stern is founder of Chronogram magazine, and author of Learning to Be Human (Codhill Press, 2010). He has studied and taught meditation and inner work for 30 years, including Vipassana and Zen, Fourth Way of Gurdjieff, Dervish and Sufi practices, and other methods. He draws on all of this experience in his work with children, beginning with the principle that presence is not something that is learned, but is connected to within ourselves.


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