Facilitated by Olivia Treubig, MS Ed, RYT, TCYMsm


Beginning October 1

10 Tuesdays 7 pm






Cost is $250 for the series



Yoga, meditation and sacred circle especially designed for mammas, facilitated in a safe and gentle space. During this series of seven weekly evenings, moms will leave relaxed, refreshed, supported, connected and more able to deliver conscious parenting aligned with their child's developmental needs. This workshop series, based on Trauma Conscious Yoga Methods will teach mindfulness meditation, and address the physical, mental and emotional needs and challenges specific to motherhood.


The workshop includes

Mothering with spirit circle; pertinent guided conversations about parenting, wellness, healthy mindful  lifestyle, living mindful


Mammaste' Yoga Gentle yoga, openers, shoulder tension release, lower back tension release, heart  and hip openers, meditations, mindfulness, various TCYM therapeutic methods.


10 Weeks of time; The full length of the workshop provides mothers the space to bond, connect and form a community with other like minded individuals. Encompassing the "Red Tent" theories of tribal relationships and the importance of local and deep connections.


*Individual TCYM yoga sessions are also available and allow a deeper dive into a more personalized plan of support.  These sessions guide you in processing your story and allowing you to move on to new chapters; releasing blockages that otherwise get in the way of healthy relationships, effect careers and drain energy. (to be booked separately)


What is TCYM sm :


Trauma Conscious Yoga Method is a healing modality. The application of somatic practices such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation with a focus on Trauma; relieve pain and limitations on a biological, cellular level. Based on Polyvagal theory, and designed to be a safe space where trauma is not reactivated.





Olivia Treubig, MS Ed, RYT, TCYMsm

Olivia received her MS ED degree in childhood development and education from Long Island University, where she graduated with honors;  in 2009. She has been teaching children since 2007 and after becoming a mom, discovered the value of using her knowledge of child development to parenting. She has found circling, spirituality, yoga and mindfulness to be irreplaceable tools for conscious parenting and living.


These experiences led her to form classes for mothers and children that incorporate both child development and personal growth.


Olivia received her yoga teaching certification as well as a TCYMsm certification this year. She actively practices art, yoga and mindfulness and has had several articles on child development and mindfulness published.




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