Men’s Healing Group:

An Ancient Call to Return to a Community of Men




















Facilitated by Ken Ross


Ongoing Wednesdays 7:15 pm - 9:45 pm

Please email if you are interested in joining!





Cost is $75/month



Imagine a modern version of an age-old ritual where men- sitting around a fire deep into the night- share the events of their day. Immersed in listening. Hearing each other. Holding silence in a sacred space. Bonding. Feeling together. Building a brotherhood.

Since it’s founding in 2003, men ranging in age from 18-80 have come to this group to share their stories, longings, struggles, disappointments, successes, hopes and most importantly themselves.


Men’s Healing Group addresses and explores the challenges men face today. As facilitator, Ken offers honest, insightful perspectives and support in a safe, trusting environment. His aim is to help men discover their authentic power through the mirror of relationship between group members. He believes that each life is a hero's journey. On this path a man’s courage to identify his feelings and express them honestly leads him to the awareness of his true identity as a man, and as a member of the human community.


When men listen, support and understand each other, they come to discover the richness of their shared lives as men. During group sessions, issues emerge organically from the fabric of each man’s life. Meetings find focus around a central theme such as relationship, sexuality, father/son dynamics, work and money, aging and health.



Ken Ross received his training and ordination from the IM School of Healing Arts in New York where he also taught and counseled for many years. Ken is also a certified Professional Coach (International Coaching Federation, ACC) and has extensive experience with group process. An award-winning filmmaker and film teacher (Bard, Vassar, SUNY Purchase) he is devoted to helping others find their own voice and their own vision.

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