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Mindfulness Toolbox for Teens























6-Session Skills-based Class

Facilitated by Ann Hovey



Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm

april 20th-May 25th






$150 Includes supplies

Financial (aid) questions? Email: wellnessembodiedcenter@gmail.com


The teenage years do not have to be tumultuous. Teens can learn to focus, regulate their emotions, decrease impulsivity, manage stress and build healthy relationships. In this six-week course, teenagers will learn and practice mindfulness techniques that can be easily incorporated into their daily routines in order for them to lead the lives they truly want for themselves.




group is closed

Ann Hovey, MAT, is an English Teacher at Newburgh Free Academy-North Campus and teaches mindfulness to her freshmen and senior classes. She worked at Hudson House in Newburgh, a program of the Mental Health Association in Orange County, and for the Youth Advocacy in Newburgh before she began her teaching career sixteen years ago. She is also a Teaching Consultant for the Hudson Valley Writing Project. Ann has been meditating for over twenty years and has twice completed the Mindfulness in Education Teacher Training at the Omega Institute.




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