Facilitated by Mavis Gewant


Sunday February 11th 12 pm- 5 pm






Cost : $125 (all supplies included)


The Fourth Chakra, our Heart, moves love through your life. It’s an energy center that opens us up to compassion, deep caring, connection to other beings and self-love.  Spiritually, a blocked fourth Chakra can cause a feeling of disconnection, a lack of empathy --the emotional repercussions include an inability to trust oneself or others.  In this one-day workshop Mavis Gewant teaches participants to use sacred painting with mandalas.  Through their sacred circular energy patterns, mandalas reflect our optimal inner nature. By utilizing the Vedic Square (an ancient number grid) we will create one of an infinite number of shapes and patterns to form a beautiful mandala in this spiritual art offering.

This meditative day of painting practice connects us to the subtler planetary energy governing the chakras and will strengthen our natural state of inner harmony  and peace,  We will work with specific colors and mantras related to the fourth Chakra,  opening up and healing our Heart Chakra energy. This is a perfect day for both individuals and couples, adolescents and adults,  to honor the spiritual aspects of Valentine’s Day. All supplies are included and participants will leave with paintings completed (or in progress.)


Painting With Heart:

A Fourth Chakra Mandala Workshop

Mavis Gewant, M.A., is a sacred artist, mother, educator and doula. She learned the ancient techniques of yantra and deity painting from Tantric Master Dada Shri Harish Johari, studying with him and serving as his personal assistant for more than twenty years. Dadaji encouraged her to teach this knowledge and requested her to illustrate his last book, Planetary Meditation Kit, which contains yantras and mantras of the planets.

Mavis is a practitioner of Vedic Astrology and an experienced teacher of many subjects, One of only a few persons living in the US with over two decades of training in this sacred art, Mavis utilizes this devotion to teach others. Her spiritual practice consists of painting yantras and deities and helping others through this transformational art form. Mavis also has a Masters Degree in Pre & Perinatal Psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She uses Mandalas and Meditation to help women heal from birth trauma and to prepare for birth. She is also a birth educator, doula trainer for Birth Arts International and works as a doula specializing in postpartum care and labor support.

Visit Mavis’ website for more information. www.sacredmotherarts.com



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