Restorative Movement























4-Session Alexander Technique Group

Facilitated by Elizabeth Castagna


4 Thursdays 9-10:30am





Fee: $100

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The Alexander Technique is a self-discovery process by which we coordinate mind and body to re-learn movement, deepening our understanding of how we’re designed tomove. This series of interactive classes will teach students to become aware of their own movement tendencies, how to release unnecessary tension, and how to make new choices to create more flow and ease of movement.  Students can apply the changes they experience to enhance activities of their daily life and profession..


Through restorative, gentle movement, participants experience:

- Reduced pain from illness or stress

- Support for injury recovery

- Easier and efficient movement

- Full, natural breathing

- Natural ease during pregnancy

- Enhanced performance in any activity, including athletics, dance, acting, singing, music

- Pain-free computer use

- Connection to the body’s wisdom


Participants will need to bring their own yoga mats.

Gentle Note: If you would like to attend the series and you are recovering from an injury or surgery that has happened recently, please email me so we can talk and sense if this group class setting will be supportive for you.


Elizabeth Castagna is certified to teach The Alexander Technique under Alexander Technique International. She works with a range of students including people with repetitive stress injuries, anxiety, Lyme disease, actors, performers, visual artists, teachers, pre-natal women, athletes, teens, and children. Elizabeth provides a safe, creative space for her students where they are invited to be themselves, cultivate self-awareness and embody their thoughts, gestures and sense of wonder. For full bio, see




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