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3-Session Workshop Series

Weaving Mindfulness & Art Therapy Tools to Strengthen the Family Nest

Facilitated by Meredith Johnson, MHC-LP, SEP & Linda Erman, MPS, LCAT, SEP



7-8:30pm Tuesdays Oct 18th, Nov 1st, & Nov 15th





$150 Includes supplies

Financial (aid) questions? Email: wellnessembodiedcenter@gmail.com


Does daily life at home reflect your family's deepest core values?


Do your children understand what those values are?


What are some simple practices to build on strengths and increase your family's sense of well-being?


This series will support and empower parents in exploring, re-awakening, and reclaiming their core values and the joys of family life.  The workshops will offer balanced, enriching experiences that include mindfulness and meditation practices, fun hands-on creative arts activities, supportive dialogue, and practical strategies to bring home.  Over the 3-session journey, participants will clarify, harvest, celebrate, & more deeply embody their core family values.





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Linda Ellen Erman, MPS LCAT SEP is a NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and SE® (Somatic Experiencing) Practitioner who uses EMDR, body awareness, imagery and the creative process to help kids, teens and adults resolve anxiety, depression, ADHD and posttraumatic stress. For many years the trauma specialist on the clinical treatment team in Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley’s Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program, Linda now maintains a fulltime Embodied Art Therapy practice in New Paltz, NY.














Meredith Johnson, MS, MHC-LP, SEP, is a Body-centered Psychotherapist who works with adults to strengthen resilience and maintain important bonds through life’s ups and downs, with a specialized focus on reducing the negative impact of trauma, cumulative stress, and chronic illness. She is certified in Somatic Experiencing, Simplicity Parenting, MBSR, Compassion Fatigue Resiliency, and brings 20 years of daily meditation practice and study into developing and teaching mindfulness-based self-care programs.  As a Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, Meredith also offers private consultation and coaching sessions for parents and caregivers.  Schedule through Wellness Embodied.

845-532-6064     |     wellnessembodiedcenter@gmail.com